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Male 58, presented in December 2011 with Ankylosing Spondylitis a condition he has for over 3 years side effects such as chronic pain upper and lower back, elbows and wrists, hips, knees and ankles. Difficulty with movement, very slow. Chronic fatigue at times. Depression resulting from pain. Problem when urinating. He was on several medications including Humira on a weekly basis. PT. Started his treatment on 10th December 2011. He reported the following day that he had been able to urinate with no problem. After another 2 treatments he reported feeling less fatigued and a greater ease of movement with less pain in elbows and wrists. Over the next 3 treatment P.T noticed he had a more positive outlook and was feeling more decisive. P.T has had 12 treatments now, he says that although he may have a lot of pain when driving or doing activities he seems to bounce back the following day, whereas before ONDAMED treatments it would take him days to recover. Still no problem with urination and still has a positive outlook and greater ease of movement.

Female 45, presented with back and hip pain. Not sleeping well , waking several times a night and finding it very difficult to get back to sleep. She was feeling depressed and very emotional. Was overweight and feeling generally unwell. I decided to treat the back and hip pain first and also help the depression. S.S reported after her 2nd ONDAMED treatments that the back and hip pain had gone and her spirits were high, she was also sleeping much better now only waking maybe once a night. She is now having the ONDAMED weight-loss programme and is feeling much better.

Male 38, had Colon Cancer which was surgically removed and following that had chemotherapy treatment. J.M. was then diagnosed with a 6cm tumour on his lung. He had to have more Chemotherapy treatments. Shortly afterwards in December 2011 he decided to have ONDAMED treatments to help him. J.M. has had also had a stent placed in his kidney which was not functioning properly because the original tumour on his colon had caused the kidney to shrink. He was having a lot of pain when urinating but after just two ONDAMED treatments the pain had gone completely. J.M. also found that the fatigue which he generally had within two days of Chemo and would usually put him in bed for a couple of days had gone, also the mouth ulcers which had plagued him had also healed completely. After the following treatments he also found that he had a great positive outlook. JM has now received the all clear from the hospital with no further chemo needed. JM continues to have ONDAMED treatments as he feels it will help him to continue on his road to full health again.

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